About Hadley Palmer


About Hadley Palmer

Hadley Palmer is an accomplished art professional and philanthropist, known for her substantial contributions to the art world, particularly art history, and numerous humanitarian causes. She has spent significant years working with esteemed institutions such as The Museum of Modern Art and Christie's Auction House. As a philanthropist, she has supported organizations like Save the Children and Shatterproof for several years.

Hadley Palmer in Connecticut

Early Life & Education

Born and brought up in the United States, Hadley is a product of a rigorous academic environment. She completed her high school education at the prestigious Hopkins School located in New Haven, CT, in the year 1986. She displayed a keen interest in arts from an early age, which led her to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in the History of Art from the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in 1990. Her thesis focused on the renowned French artist, Henri Matisse, setting a strong foundation for her entry into the professional art world.

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Sotheby's International

Hadley's career in art started as an intern at Sotheby's International in Philadelphia, from 1989 to 1990. Her tenure here laid the groundwork for her future endeavors in the sector.

Christie's Auction House

Her passion and dedication to art led her to Christie's Auction House in New York City in 1990. She worked in the Impressionism and Modern Department for almost a year, further strengthening her understanding of the complex art market dynamics.

The Museum of Modern Art

By February 1991, she commenced working at The Museum of Modern Art, joining the Drawings Department as a Secretary, coinciding with the department's curation of Matisse's retrospective. Nevertheless, her enthusiasm for public engagement in art saw her switching to the Department of Education. She progressively advanced within the department, ultimately serving as the Head of Public Programs and later as the Assistant Director of the Department.

In May 1998, following the birth of her first child, Hadley left her position as an employee but continued her affiliation with the museum by joining the Education Board, a role she played fervently for over 15 years.

During a challenging point in her family life, Hadley successfully ventured into the real estate business, becoming a top producer and effectively supporting her family before her husband's economic stability.

Philanthropic Movements

Save the Children

Hadley's philanthropic endeavors are intrinsic to her personality. She took her first step towards humanitarian activities in 1985, volunteering for Save the Children. Her consistent financial support for this nonprofit has surpassed three decades. She has also made several field visits to the organization's operational areas in different global regions, including the slums of Kenya, the Syrian border, and Central America, among others.


As her philanthropic area of interest widened, she came across Shatterproof, an organization working toward helping families impacted by addiction. Inspired by a speech given by the organization's founder, Hadley felt a deep connection and joined the cause. She has been financially supporting Shatterproof for about eight years and continues to do so.

Personal Life

Apart from her impressive professional and philanthropic life, Hadley is a woman of versatile interests. She is an avid American football fan, with a particular fondness for the Jets. A former lacrosse player, she continues to support her alma mater's Women's Lacrosse Team at the University of Pennsylvania. She also harbors a love and appreciation for the arts, particularly black-and-white photography.

Hadley is also a proud mother of four children, who have been a focal point in her life.



Hadley Palmer is undoubtedly an inspiring figure in the realms of art and philanthropy. Her illustrious career in art history, her dedication to educating and enriching the public about art, her financial acumen in challenging times, and her unwavering commitment to humanitarian causes purely exemplify her dedication to multi-faceted growth and giving. It's clear that her impacts will continue to resonate in these diverse sectors, reflecting her significant influence on them.